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Mistress Ava used her giantess fetish to turn this guy into a tiny man. It was a lot of fun for her and she enjoyed it. The guy was shocked at what happened to him and he wondered what he had done to deserve it but the mistress did not care. All she wanted was to crush him and have fun at his expense, which is what she did to him.

Mistress Alice had an issue with this guy and for what he had done, she had to torture him as well as humiliate him for fun. That is why she had to make sure that he would never forget what she did. He was turned into a tiny man and he cried but that did not stop her from what she had planned to do to him. She saw her plan through.

This hot giantess did not want to deal with people who misbehaved and when this guy did, she had to do something about it which she felt would make him avoid doing that. The mistress used her giantess powers to dominate him. He was crushed and turned into a tiny man and she tormented him until he cried and begged her to stop what she was doing to him. But she did not stop.

These giantesses wanted to get even with this girl. She had been doing things she was not supposed to do and for that, it was time to pay for it. The giantesses crushed her and turned her into a tiny girl and she was forced to endure the humiliation and by the time the mistresses were done with her, she knew that she would never mess with them again.

Mistress Ava had beef with this tiny man and she had to make sure that she sent him a message that he would not forget. He was a pain in the ass and she did not want him to think that it was ok for him to be like that. He was forced to be a tiny man and the mistress crushed him with her teeth and choked him as she had him in her mouth.

This giantess wanted to dominate this guy and she did it with her farts. She turned the tiny man into a fart slave and she used her improvised toilet seat to fart on him. He never saw it coming and he was shocked that she could do what she had done to him. He could not breathe properly and he had to cry and beg her to stop before she did.

When goddess Nemesis found out that this guy was trying to take advantage of her, she had to do what she does best and she cruelly forced him to endure her stomping. She used her giantess feet to dominate him and she turned him into a tiny man. He was humiliated and in pain as she did her thing and that is how he learned his lesson the hard way.

This giantess had done a lot for this village but she was pissed to find out that they had betrayed her. She was so angry at that and she had to find a way to deal with them. That is why she opted to cruelly send a message by crushing and destroying their village. The giantess did it without thinking twice and they never believed it could be done. They regretted it but it was too late.

Mistress Mary is a giantess who does not give a fuck. Today she was in such a place and she needed to send a cruel message and she did it by crushing and destroying the tiny village which was full of people who liked to make fun of her. They did not know what she was capable of until she had done it. They regretted what they had done but it was too late.

Mistress Gabriella wanted to humiliate this tiny man and she did it with her feet. She stomped the shit out of the guy and she transformed him into a tiny man. He tried to beg her for mercy but she ignored him and she made sure that he had a great time. He cried but she did not care and instead went on to humiliate him and have fun at his expense.

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