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Mistress Enola wanted her slave to comply with her orders but he did not. She was pissed as he had a way of disobeying her but today it had to end. She did so using her giantess powers. She cruelly crushed him and she forced him to be a tiny version of himself. He cried and wished he had never done so but it was too late and he had to comply with her instructions.

Goddess Allie is a hot giantess. She is blessed with a hot ass and this guy loved it. But he was not her type and he kept disturbing her. So she did what she does best and that was to torture him. She did this with her sexy ass which he liked and he was turned into a tiny man as punishment. She peed his pants and he was scared shitless.

Goddess Hanna found out that this guy had defrauded the only lady next door of her life savings and she could not let it happen. She shrunk him into a tiny man using her giantess fetish and she made sure he paid her back double what he took from her. She was so mad that she nearly destroyed the guy completely. But he learned his lesson the hard way and styled up.

When this mistress realized that she was being taken for a ride by her slave, she chose to teach him a lesson he would not forget in a hurry. She did this by spitting on him and then crushing him using her giantess feet. She made sure he was in the pain of a lifetime and she let him stew in it before she let him go but with a warning.

Lady B wanted to teach this guy a lesson and she did it in a cruel manner. She used her giantess fetish to punish him and he regretted messing with her. She took his model house and she crushed it with her high heels. She destroyed everything about it and did not care how expensive it was. When she was done crushing it, she told him she was still not yet done and would come for him.

This mistress wanted to have fun at the expense of her slave and she did it using her hot giantess fetish. She waited for him to make a mistake and she cruelly tortured him using her giantess feet. She crushed him painfully and told him she was teaching him a lesson but in real sense she was having fun at his expense. She had fun doing it till she got tired.

When it comes to crushing and humiliating guys, no one does it better than this mistress. She loves to torture guys by teasing them and disarming them. When their guard is low, she then crushes them into tiny men and she does whatever she wants to them. She inserted this one into her mouth and crushed him with her teeth before she used him as a dildo to satisfy herself.

Madame Marissa met the girl who had poisoned her. She wanted to take her boyfriend and the girl thought that poisoning her was the way to go. When she recovered, she hunted her down and she used her giantess powers to shrink her into a tiny little girl. She then threw her down and she ran her over with her car. But she did not let her die. She wanted her to be in a lot of pain.

Madame Marissa was hired by some rich guys to get them some trade secrets from a rival. She went to the officer she knew had them. She humiliated him by shrinking him. She then tortured him using her feet. She crushed him and she threatened to leave him in that state. He cried and begged her not to leave him in that state and promised to give her all the info he had.

Mistress Julia likes to belittle guys who are cocky and proud. She likes to bring them down to earth. This millionaire kept bragging about his ship and she was pissed. She turned it into a tiny version of itself and she pissed on it. She turned it into a toy and she had fun destroying it. He begged her not to destroy it and she let him go when she saw he was remorseful.

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