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Madame Marissa did not like the war that was about to go down. She had to stop it. War planes and soldiers had already been assembled and the command given. She reached there in time and she used her giant boots to crush them all. She crushed the soldiers as well as the planes. She made sure none of them survived in order to continue with the war. She relaxed having stopped a war.

Giantess Katelyn did not appreciate how this loser made fun of her. She wanted to teach him a lesson so she did it as cruelly as she could. She turned him into a tiny man and she destroyed him completely. She made sure that he could never make fun of her anymore. She made him pee on himself and she had him beg and do humiliating things for her forgiveness.

When this loser tried to mess with this mistress, she punished him as cruelly as she wanted. She did so by crushing him and turning him into a toy. She then placed him on her boots and she squeezed them hard with him in between. She also placed him on her ass and crushed him. Lastly, the giantess placed him on the floor and used her sweaty toes to humiliate him.

Giantess Katelyn has a great body and she likes to use it as a distraction to the kind of things she does to guys she does not like. She likes to tease and show it off and make guys horny and also throw them off balance. She then surprises them by using her giantess feet to crush them and humiliate them. They never see it coming and she always has fun doing it.

Giantess Helen came home and found her house was not as clean as she had instructed it to be cleaned. She was pissed and as punishment, she crushed her slave with her giantess feet and she turned him into a tiny version of himself. She tortured and humiliated him a great deal and even threatened to leave him in that state. He cried and begged her to forgive him and she did but with a warning.

Giantess Katelyn was eating her dinner when her slave pissed her off. She did not want to stop eating so as to punish him so she did both of them at the same time. She crushed him and chewed him along with her food. She then let him out and swallowed her food. She told the shaken slave never to mess with her again if he did not want to be tortured badly.

Giantess Katelyn wanted to prove something to this guy. He had disrespected her and she could not let him go like that. She turned him into a tiny man and she teased him and crushed him. She wanted to make sure that that would be the last time he would ever disrespect any mistress so she punished him in an effort to make sure that it happened the way she wanted.

This mistress wanted to show her slave what she does to losers who do not respect her. She wanted to use her giantess powers to teach him a lesson. She crushed him and she turned him big dick into a tiny version of it and he cried as his enviable manhood was all that he could brag about. She then inserted a dildo into his asshole and managed to cruelly torture him.

When this mistress realized that her slave was not going to do things the way she wanted, she had to do something to show him she would not entertain any disobedience. So the mistress turned her slave into a tiny man and she placed him on the pedal of her car. She then stepped on him and crushed him as she drove and the pain and humiliation of it taught him a lesson.

This giantess could not hide her joy when she finally caught this snitch. She was pissed with her and she taught her a lesson by trampling her. Being a giantess, the girl was intimidated with her and she took advantage to do some nasty things to her. She had a lot of fun teaching her a lesson and she was sure by the time she was done with her that she would never do it again.

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