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Goddess Nika had to attend the biggest concert of the year but she did not have the tickets. They had been sold out before she could buy and she had to find a way to get the tickets. The mistress chose to get them by torturing this guy who had bought more to sell exorbitantly. She did not want to pay those exorbitant prices so she used her giantess fetish to turn him into a little man and threatened to swallow him. He gave her a ticket free of charge.

Goddess Hanna found out that this guy had defrauded the only lady next door of her life savings and she could not let it happen. She shrunk him into a tiny man using her giantess fetish and she made sure he paid her back double what he took from her. She was so mad that she nearly destroyed the guy completely. But he learned his lesson the hard way and styled up.

Mistress Lisa Jordan is a hot giantess. Unlike other giantesses, she does not like to punish and torture guys for fun. She prefers to do it for her sexual satisfaction. She enjoys voyeurism as well as swallowing or choking them as well as getting them to beg her. She loves it when they are desperate for her mercy because it makes her feel powerful. She shrunk this loser today and she felt powerful from the way he begged her to forgive him.

Mistress Lisa Jordan is a sexy giantess who enjoys torturing for fun. She is one of the few mistresses who torture random guys and for them, it is not about punishment but for fun. She used her powers to trample and crush this guy into a tiny toy. She dominated the little man with her mouth, tongue and anything else she felt like using. Then she transformed him back to his former self all shaken and fear stricken.

This mistress learned of what this guy had done and she had to reward him. She was pleased with his work, his effort as well as his dedication. And as a way to reward him, she told him to tell her what she could for him. He told her that he wanted her to torture his enemy. She agreed and she used her giantess powers to torture the guy into a tiny man and then drown him in her mouth and stomp on him with her giantess' feet.

Mistress Katia wanted to use her feet to teach this shoplifter a lesson. She caught him stealing from her store and she had to punish him. She did not hand him to the authorities. She just used her high heels to punish him. She shrunk him into a tiny man and she had a great time crushing him. She put him in her shoe and she wore it and walked for a few seconds with him in the shoe.

When her boyfriend tried to sleep with her friend, this mistress was mad. He should have at least tried to sleep with someone else! But now that he had done it, she had to show him what the consequences of his decisions were. She used her giantess powers to shrink him and she humiliated him. She tortured him by crushing him with her teeth and choking him with her ass as she sat on him.

Giantess Katelyn does not like snitches. This guy was one and she had to show him that it did not pay to be a snitch. He liked to report people to the school authorities. So she turned him into a tiny man and crushed him with her teeth and her feet. She then told him to go and snitch on her. He was scared and humiliated and he learned his lesson.

Giantess Helen came home and found her house was not as clean as she had instructed it to be cleaned. She was pissed and as punishment, she crushed her slave with her giantess feet and she turned him into a tiny version of himself. She tortured and humiliated him a great deal and even threatened to leave him in that state. He cried and begged her to forgive him and she did but with a warning.

Giantess Katelyn had told her slave not to mess with her but he did not listen. She was pissed and she had to do something about it. She used her giantess feet to humiliate and punish him. She crushed him with the feet and she made him lick her feet which she made sure were sweaty as well as smelly. The poor slave learned his lesson the hard way and never did it again.