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Lady Loryelle is the sort of giantess who loves to do things her way and one who loves to torture and to humiliate people who have messed with her. The mistress wanted to use her big ass to smother this tiny man because he had been rude to her earlier. And she made sure that things changed and that he learned his lesson never to mess with her again.

Giantess Sasha did not have a reason to torture this guy but she did it anyway. She felt like it and for her, that was reason enough. So the mistress used her giantess feet to crush him and turn him into a tiny version of himself. After that, she had fun degrading him and making fun of him for her own enjoyment and entertainment. All this while he was crying and begging for mercy.

This giantess had a lot of expectations on her slave. She expected him to close the deal she had with him but she was horrified to learn that he did not do it. It was worth a lot of money and the giantess hated losing it. She crushed the employee into a tiny man for doing it and told him to make up for it if he wanted to avoid her turning him into a little man permanently.

Goddess Nika had to attend the biggest concert of the year but she did not have the tickets. They had been sold out before she could buy and she had to find a way to get the tickets. The mistress chose to get them by torturing this guy who had bought more to sell exorbitantly. She did not want to pay those exorbitant prices so she used her giantess fetish to turn him into a little man and threatened to swallow him. He gave her a ticket free of charge.

Mistress Lisa Jordan used her giantess powers to dominate this guy. He was a nuisance and he was also a bully. Most guys did not know how to deal with him but she knew. She used his own bully tactics to punish him. She crushed him using her giantess powers and turned him into a tiny loser who she then made fun of. She liked it and she ensured she had had a great time at his expense.

Mistress Angelina felt like she was not getting the recognition she deserved from this loser. She had to get it somehow and she did it by cruelly facesitting on the loser. She had him lie down and she crushed him with her giantess butt. She smothered him till she was able to turn him into a little man. She did not need to do anything further. That was enough punishment.

Miss Elsi Spring loves to do crazy things. She is the kind of mistress who loves to try all sorts of things. Today she resorted to have fun with giantess fetish. She had never tried it before and it looked like a great thing to do. She chose to try it on a doll first before she did it to a human. The mistress enjoyed crushing the doll and turning it into a tiny doll.

Mistress Ellie did not like how this guy demanded sex from her as if she owed it to him and it was his birthright. She chose to shrink him into a tiny man and she asked him to then fuck her. She even undressed and he was scared as he was minute compared to the towering giantess she was. She crushed him with her feet for fun before she let him go.

Mistress Mandy and her lesbian lover Ellie told off this guy for wanting to seduce them. They told him they were lesbian and he made some bigoted remarks they did not like. He did not know that they were hot giantesses so they used those powers to crush and shrink him and then torture him cruelly. The mistresses also cuckolded him as he was made to do humiliating things while they made out and made love.

This mistress laughed when she noticed her slave was taking her for granted. She did not want him to go on with that bad habit so she punished him using her giantess powers. She cruelly turned him into a tiny man and she stood threateningly over him. She made him do naughty and crazy things for her entertainment before she crushed him a little to make him feel some pain.

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