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Mistress Vanny is a hot giantess. She hates dishonest people and today this guy tried to con her. He was in the bracket of people she did not like and she had to teach him a lesson so that he learned to live an honest life. So she used her giantess fetish and she crushed him and turned him into a tiny man. As he was in that state, he got scared and shit himself. He begged her to let him go and he would never do it again. She let him back to his normal self and knew he had learned his lesson.

Madame Marissa loves it when she gets to scare the shit out of losers. And that is what she did today. The mistress shrunk this loser today and she turned him into a tiny man and made him the size of gummy bears. He watched as she watched gummy bears and she told him he was next. He screamed and peed his pants before she even did anything. She laughed at him before she let him go.

Mistress Anfisa loves to dominate and she does it so well that she is paid by other mistresses who want their slaves or losers to be punished but they do not have the knowledge or the time to do it. She had a prospective client who wanted to see what she was capable of. She wowed the client using her hot giantess fetish and how she crushed this loser and turned him into a tiny man.

Mistress Jenny has an enviable and a spankable ass. She enjoys using it to get whatever she wants and today she used it to get VIP access to a concert. She did not want to pay for the tickets because they were expensive. So she crushed and dominated the guy who sold them using her giantess ass and she got herself the tickets. She even got some for her friends.

Mistress Lisa Jordan is a hot giantess. Unlike other giantesses, she does not like to punish and torture guys for fun. She prefers to do it for her sexual satisfaction. She enjoys voyeurism as well as swallowing or choking them as well as getting them to beg her. She loves it when they are desperate for her mercy because it makes her feel powerful. She shrunk this loser today and she felt powerful from the way he begged her to forgive him.

Mistress Bratty Bunny is a gorgeous giantess. She looks harmless but she is quite lethal in actual sense. She wanted her slave to know who she was and what she was capable of because she felt that he was trying to take advantage of her friendly personality. She crushed him into a tiny man and she tormented him for fun. She sat back and enjoyed watching him cry and beg her to forgive him.

Goddess Chanel is a hot giantess. She loves to use her hotness to dominate and humiliate. But today she did not have anyone to crush so she chose to crush toys using her giantess feet. The giantess used her high heels to destroy the toys and by the time she was done, there was nothing left of the toys. She did not need to do it for long. Just exerting a little pressure and they were in pieces.

Mistress Denise had asked her son to store his toys in a safe place but he did not do it. She was not pleased with him as she did not want to be the one to take care of his belongings. She chose to punish him by crushing some of the toys he had. She crushed and destroyed them and that was when he learned that she was serious about what she said.

Mistress Elsi wanted answers from this guy but he was not talking. She was not impressed with that and she had to make him talk. She chose to use her giantess fetish to do it. She crushed him using her shoes and she turned him into a tiny man. She then went on trampling and humiliating him to the point that he had to open up and give her all the answers she sought.

Mistress Abbi is a hot giantess. She loves to use her giantess powers to humiliate guys for her own enjoyment. She loves to dominate people and to make herself feel powers hence why she chose to become a giantess. She crushed this loser into a tiny little man and then she placed him on her brake pedals and crushed him as she drove her car. It was a lot of fun for her.