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Goddess Chanel wanted to find out what between her car crush and giantess crush fetishes were more lethal. So she shrunk two identical toys and she crushed one with her car and she crushed the other one with her giant feet and compared the outcome. She found they were more or less the same so she decided to keep both. She was ready to go ahead and drop the inferior one.

Goddess Chanel is a hot giantess. She loves to use her hotness to dominate and humiliate. But today she did not have anyone to crush so she chose to crush toys using her giantess feet. The giantess used her high heels to destroy the toys and by the time she was done, there was nothing left of the toys. She did not need to do it for long. Just exerting a little pressure and they were in pieces.

Goddess Chanel did not like how this loser bragged about his cars. He treated other people like shit and the only thing that meant something to him was his cars. She went to his house and she shrunk his cars into tiny toys and she crushed them with her feet and destroyed them. His security tried to stop her but she crushed them too and she humiliated them. He learned his lesson.

Goddess Chanel is a clean mistress. She likes to make sure that her things are well taken care of. But she came home today and found out that her house was not as clean as she wanted it. Her slave had not cleaned it the way she wanted so she crushed him as punishment. She also took his toys and she crushed them and destroyed them completely. She created an even bigger mess for him to clean.

Goddess Chanel found a toy train on her way out to take a walk. She did not like the fact that someone found it fit to leave it so close to her house. She did not have a baby so she did not know who left it there. She had no use for it so she crushed it with her shoes as well as with her bare feet. She only left it after she had destroyed it.

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