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Lady B is not your average giantess. When she is angry, anything and everything in her path is destroyed. That is what she did today as she destroyed the things she found on her way as she took a walk. She was mad and the walk was to help her clear her mind. But she also felt better as she crushed stuff as she walked. She used her heels to destroy the things.

Princess Serena wanted to show this guy why she was not one to mess with. He had looked down on her long enough and she had had enough of it. She turned him into a tiny man and she crushed and stomped him. She used her ass to make it even more humiliating. She farted on him and crushed him with her ass. He never did it again after she let him go.

Chantelle did not like this girl so she punished him as cruelly as she could. Being a giantess, the girl was tiny to her. She was actually a doll to her so she took her and she made her lie down and she crapped on him. Her farts alone were like a hurricane to her and nearly tore her apart. She wanted to stomp her but knew she could not survive so she settled for humiliating her.

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