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Madame Marissa used her giantess powers to torture this guy. She was paid to do it and she did it not caring how he felt. She did not care about him and all she cared about was the money she was being paid. She trampled, crushed as well as smothered him. Even after she had transformed him into a tiny man, she did not stop. She went on torturing him.

Goddess Celine is used to losers doing things she does not like. She appears harmless but she is a cruel giantess and she never minds when they mess because she knows it is an opportunity for her to exercise her powers and teach them a thing or two about obedience. She crushed this loser with her bare feet and she turned him into a tiny man. She had fun swallowing him in her mouth and crushing him with her toes.

Mistress Hanna is a sexy girl. But she is also a giantess. Many people do not know that she can do it because she only uses her powers to punish guys who deserve to be punished. This guy did today and she used her feet to crush him into a little man. The hot giantess then put him in her sneaker and she threatened to wear it and smother him further.

Mistress Jade is good at being a hot giantess. She is one of the few mistresses who do not abuse her giantess powers. She only uses her powers on people who deserve to be punished. She does not do it to anyone else or for fun. Today she was not humiliating anyone but rather practicing how to dominate the next guy who pisses her off and deserves to be punished.

Madame Marissa is a hot giantess. She loves to tease and torture. She loves to turn guys into miniature creatures and then torture them some more. She did that to this guy who owed her money. She crushed him and turned him into a little man. She had a great time torturing the tiny man and made him repay her money the following day. The guy repaid it as he did not want such a punishment again.

These mistresses wanted their money back but this loser refused to give it to them. He had done that to others before and he thought that he would get away with it again. But these mistresses were not going to let him play them like that. They were giantesses and they used their powers to crush him and once they turned him into a little man, he was scared shitless and he paid them.

Madame Marissa caught this guy being abusive to his wife and she could not look the other way and let it go on. She grabbed him from his house and she dragged him to hers where she shrunk him into a tiny man and she placed him on a stool and she sat on it. She choked him and threatened to leave him as a tiny man if he did not stop abusing his wife.

Giantess Katelyn was not amused by her slave pretending to be sick in order to avoid getting up early. She did a little investigation and she found out about it. Sh was pissed and as punishment, she crushed him and she turned him into a tiny man. He cried and begged but she ignored him because she did not want to deal with a dishonest person. He learned his lesson.

Madame Marissa wanted to choke this guy for being a pain in the ass. So she crushed him using her boots and she made him a little man. She then placed him on a bar stool and she crushed him with her ass. She wanted to choke him using her ass and she got it done. When she was done sitting on him, the giantess made fun of him and she farted on him.

This mistress was desperate to get a contract. Her sales numbers were low and she had to make sure she scored a major victory. When she noticed that the negotiations were not going as well as she wanted them, she had to use a different tactic to seal the deal. She turned into a giantess and she crushed the guy into a tiny man and she forced him to sign the deal.

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