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This giantess loves the fact that guys underestimate her all the time. And every time someone does that, she always gets the last laugh and she manages to torture them and have fun at their expense. Today the giantess proved this guy wrong and besides showing him how wrong he was, she used her hot giantess fetish to teach him a cruel lesson and she had fun at his expense.

Giantess Tina wanted to punish her slave but she did not have anything to beat him with. He did not freak out as he thought that she would do much damage if she was wearing heels or she had a whip. But she only used her bare feet and her giantess fetish to do it. She stomped on him and she made him regret assuming that she could not do much damage to him. She even turned him into a tiny man and he had to beg to be transformed back to his normal self.

When this giantess tried to do a reconciliation of her financial documents, she realized that her accountant had been embezzling from her. She was so pissed at him that she cruelly taught him a lesson. She did this by crushing him using her giantess fetish. She made him a little man and she tormented him. He had no choice but to give back her money because he knew the alternative was out of the question.

Mistress Erina is a hot giantess. She is actually the definition of a hot giantess. She wanted to try giantess fetish and she did it using her sexy ass. She was a novice at it but was determined to be good at it. She bought a doll and she enjoyed crushing it and doing all sorts of things she had learned. She enjoyed it and looked forward to crushing a guy who deserved it.

Goddess Celine is used to losers doing things she does not like. She appears harmless but she is a cruel giantess and she never minds when they mess because she knows it is an opportunity for her to exercise her powers and teach them a thing or two about obedience. She crushed this loser with her bare feet and she turned him into a tiny man. She had fun swallowing him in her mouth and crushing him with her toes.

Madame Marissa likes employees who perform. This one did not and she had no business retaining his services. But before she fired him, she gave him one last chance. She humiliated him with her hot giantess fetish and instilled the fear of God in him. He peed his pants and he begged for mercy as she crushed him. He knew he had no room for error and vowed to work harder. He did.

Mistress Holly decided to degrade her slave because of what she had learned about him. She was not happy with what he had done and she had to show him what she did to people like him. So she undressed and he salivated at her sexy ass and pussy. But she crushed him into a tiny man and she placed him between her butt cheeks. She danced and crushed him with her butt cheeks then farted on him.

Madame Marissa wanted to show this loser that he was not as special as he thought he was. She humiliated him by making him a tiny man and humiliating him cruelly. She had fun doing it and she used her boots to stomp on him. She made sure that her he was in pain and that he realized that there were other people besides him and that he learned to respect them.

Giantess Katelyn was not happy with these losers for invading her space. She shrunk all of them and she cruelly tortured them. She bit them and crushed them with her teeth. She laughed at them as they tried to beg her for mercy and she knew she had to do it so that they could not do what they had done again. They were afraid of her and never pissed her again.

Goddess Nika is a cruel giantess. If anything or anyone pisses her off, she has to crush and destroy it. That is what she did to these vehicles. She turned them into tiny toys and she crushed them with her high heels. She did not care to know what would happen to them or what the owners would do about them. She had to destroy them and that is whats he did.

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