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Mistress Ives had immense powers but she did not abuse them. She used them for good and today she caught this guy bullying others and she was pissed. She took him aside and she crushed the shit out of him and made him into a tiny man. He cried and peed his pants as he was terrified of what she would do to her and what she had already done to him.

Giantess Eve felt that she had to crush something or she would run mad. She was bored out of her freaking mind and since she found a lot of joy in crushing things, she chose to crush some toys she found in her house. And with her giantess powers, she did not have any difficulty turning them into tiny toys and also destroying them completely to the point on could not even know what they were to begin with.

This giantess loves the fact that guys underestimate her all the time. And every time someone does that, she always gets the last laugh and she manages to torture them and have fun at their expense. Today the giantess proved this guy wrong and besides showing him how wrong he was, she used her hot giantess fetish to teach him a cruel lesson and she had fun at his expense.

Giantess Ivet was not pleased to learn that this loser was not in the same boat with her. She did not want to stomach any nonsense from him so she crushed him and she made him a little man. She tormented him till he not only cried, but he also peed his pants and he begged for forgiveness. She did not bother listening to him. She just went on dominating him.

Mistress Ester is not your average giantess. She loves to use her powers to help those who cannot help themselves. She found this guy bullying others and she turned him into a tiny man. She enjoyed torturing him and making him regret ever messing with others. She used her high heels to do it and he cried like a little baby at the kind of pain and humiliation he was under.

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