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Madame Marissa is cruel whenever she is in a bad mood. She was in such a mood today and she used her boots to cause mayhem. She crushed these tiny men for fun. She wanted to take her mind away from what had pissed her off and the best way to do it was to humiliate and torture. These little guys were a soft target for her and she crushed them.

Giantess Marissa was pissed at the fact that this guy was trying to destroy her life. She asked him to apologize and stop doing it but he refused. He thought she was powerless against him but she was not. She turned him into a tiny man and she tied him to her car's tire and she drove the car. She crushed him as she drove and made him realize she was serious. He apologized and stopped trying to ruin her life.

This mistress did not want to do any of the things that her boyfriend wanted. He wanted to do crazy things and she did not want any of that. So she cruelly crushed him as punishment. She used her hot giantess fetish to humiliate him and have fun at his expense. She told him she never wanted to hear him mention any of the things he talked about and he agreed out of fear.

Mistress Julia broke up with her boyfriend and she knew how much he loved his boat. She used her giantess powers to shrink it and turn it into a toy. Then she pissed on it and ensured it was full of pee then she returned it to its normal size and she let him have it while it was full of pee and just when he was entertaining his friends.

Giantess Helena has a gorgeous ass. She loves to tease with it and she teased this guy who had something she needed. He loved asses and he fell for her. He wanted to fuck the shit out of her but she had other ideas. She crushed him with her ass and she transformed him into a tiny man. She then threatened to insert him in her asshole as she placed him on her butt crack. She humiliated him till he gave her what she wanted.

Madame Marissa was hired by some rich guys to get them some trade secrets from a rival. She went to the officer she knew had them. She humiliated him by shrinking him. She then tortured him using her feet. She crushed him and she threatened to leave him in that state. He cried and begged her not to leave him in that state and promised to give her all the info he had.

When this mistress realized that her slave was not going to do what she wanted him to do, she turned him into a tiny man. She then used her ass to punish him and when she was done doing that, she inserted him into a trash can and she tortured him. He begged her to let him go and he promised her that he would never disobey her again. She let him go.

Giantess Helen came home and found her house was not as clean as she had instructed it to be cleaned. She was pissed and as punishment, she crushed her slave with her giantess feet and she turned him into a tiny version of himself. She tortured and humiliated him a great deal and even threatened to leave him in that state. He cried and begged her to forgive him and she did but with a warning.

This giantess does not care about her slaves. All she cares about is having fun at their expense. And that is what happened today as she crushed one of them today and she made chewed him. She wanted to torture him some more so she licked him and nearly drowned him in her spit. She had a lot of fun at his expense and he had the worst punishment ever.

Giantess Katelyn was eating her dinner when her slave pissed her off. She did not want to stop eating so as to punish him so she did both of them at the same time. She crushed him and chewed him along with her food. She then let him out and swallowed her food. She told the shaken slave never to mess with her again if he did not want to be tortured badly.

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