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Giantess Katelyn has a great body and she likes to use it as a distraction to the kind of things she does to guys she does not like. She likes to tease and show it off and make guys horny and also throw them off balance. She then surprises them by using her giantess feet to crush them and humiliate them. They never see it coming and she always has fun doing it.

Giantess Katelyn was eating her dinner when her slave pissed her off. She did not want to stop eating so as to punish him so she did both of them at the same time. She crushed him and chewed him along with her food. She then let him out and swallowed her food. She told the shaken slave never to mess with her again if he did not want to be tortured badly.

Giantess Katelyn had told her slave not to mess with her but he did not listen. She was pissed and she had to do something about it. She used her giantess feet to humiliate and punish him. She crushed him with the feet and she made him lick her feet which she made sure were sweaty as well as smelly. The poor slave learned his lesson the hard way and never did it again.

Giantess Katelyn wanted to prove something to this guy. He had disrespected her and she could not let him go like that. She turned him into a tiny man and she teased him and crushed him. She wanted to make sure that that would be the last time he would ever disrespect any mistress so she punished him in an effort to make sure that it happened the way she wanted.

Giantess Katelyn made sure she wore her sexy lingerie. She knew this guy was waiting and longing to screw her. She wanted something from him and she knew she could never screw him. So she teased him and she made him give her what she wanted and then she turned him into a tiny man and she humiliated him and told him he would never have her even in his dreams.

Giantess Katelyn loves torturing slaves and losers. She loves how she is able to make them do what she wants and how she wants it. Today this loser tried to defy her and he lived to regret it. She threatened to crush him with her teeth as well as swallow him if he did not obey her. She turned him into a little man and she tormented him a lot.

Giantess Katelyn was mad at her slave for the way he had handled a chore she had given him. She did not want it to happen again so she punished him cruelly. She crushed him and made him into a tiny version of himself and then she crushed and dominated him some more. When he was done, she let him go and knew he would never do it again out of fear.

Giantess Katelyn was not happy with these losers for invading her space. She shrunk all of them and she cruelly tortured them. She bit them and crushed them with her teeth. She laughed at them as they tried to beg her for mercy and she knew she had to do it so that they could not do what they had done again. They were afraid of her and never pissed her again.

Giantess Katelyn was not about to let a loser disrespect her. She had to enforce discipline and she did it as cruelly as she could. She took him and crushed him. She wanted him to feel the force of her full weight so she cruelly tortured him and made sure he felt more pain than he had ever felt. She only let him go after he had begged her to let him go and promised never to do it again.

Giantess Katelyn was bored in the house. She was naked so she had fun with herself as she placed these cars between her breasts ans on her butt. She enjoyed the feeling of having them in these sensitive areas. It actually made her horny as they touched her nipples and ran down her ass and settled between her asshole and her pussy. She did not notice how time flew as she played with them.

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