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Mistress Christina was shocked when her boyfriend tried to hit her. She was so angry at him that she turned the tables on him and she used her giantess powers to humiliate and punish him. She crushed him and she trampled him with her high heels. He was now a tiny man and he could not believe what had happened. He was so afraid of her that he shit his pants.

This mistress laughed when she noticed her slave was taking her for granted. She did not want him to go on with that bad habit so she punished him using her giantess powers. She cruelly turned him into a tiny man and she stood threateningly over him. She made him do naughty and crazy things for her entertainment before she crushed him a little to make him feel some pain.

Giantess Melissa does not sweat the small stuff like someone refusing to give her what she wants or pissing her off. This guy did today and she used her giantess powers to humiliate him. She got him to do what she wanted by turning him into a tiny version of himself. She then humiliated him and crushed him with her giantess feet. He was in pain and he was horrified that she would leave him in that state.

This giantess missed an award by a whisker and instead of being proud and happy, she was angry. When she got home, she crushed things in her house and she dwarfed them. She destroyed a lot of the things as she used her heels to crush them. She did not care about the damage she had caused. All she cared about was getting over her anger and frustrations, which happened after she had crushed the stuff.

Giantess Katelyn wanted something from this guy. But the guy refused to give her what she had asked for. She did not want to beg for it because she did not know anyone else who had it. She forced him by using her giantess fetish. She crushed him into a tiny man and she threatened to swallow him. She crushed him with her teeth and nearly drowned him in her saliva. She got what she wanted.

Giantess Julia wanted her money from this guy who owed her money. He had many cars but he did not want to pay her despite him getting some good money from his transport business. She chose to teach him a lesson by taking a few of his cars. She crushed them using her giantess fetish and she turned them into toys. She warned him she would destroy them if he did not pay her. He paid her.

Lady Cathy was angry at her daughter. She did not want to let her get away without any punishment because she had been a bad girl. She had been warned and she did not change her bad behavior. So she took her doll away as punishment and she crushed it using her car. Her daughter cried as the car crushed the doll but she learned her lesson and did not repeat it.

Lady Shay felt like crushing a guy and since she did not need anyone's approval, she did it. She had a great time choking this loser by crushing him with her ass. The giantess crushed him into a tiny man and she did not stop there. She went on choking him with her ass and she made him cry and pee on himself as he could not withstand the pain.

Mistress Manfred does not like to keep a tight leash on her employees. She gives them the space they need to work. But when they do not do as told or as agreed, she has to step in and punish them. Today she punished this loser using her giantess fetish. She crushed him and turned him into a tiny man and then made fun of him and threatened him further. She laughed at him and made him regret messing up.

Madame Marissa was taking a drive when she came across these tiny men. She could not believe her eyes. She stopped her car and she picked up the tiny men and she examined them. But they were rude to her so she put them down and she stomped on them. They thought she would be scared because she was a girl but they were mistaken. She tortured them and taught them a lesson.

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