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These mistresses wanted their money back but this loser refused to give it to them. He had done that to others before and he thought that he would get away with it again. But these mistresses were not going to let him play them like that. They were giantesses and they used their powers to crush him and once they turned him into a little man, he was scared shitless and he paid them.

This giantess was restless and she wanted to have a bit of fun. She met this loser and she used him to have fun. He thought she was into him sexually but it turned out she wanted to degrade and humiliate him. She turned him into a little man and she used her ass and her feet to humiliate him. She even forgot how he was feeling as she enjoyed herself to the max.

This mistress wanted to have fun at the expense of her slave and she did it using her hot giantess fetish. She waited for him to make a mistake and she cruelly tortured him using her giantess feet. She crushed him painfully and told him she was teaching him a lesson but in real sense she was having fun at his expense. She had fun doing it till she got tired.

Mistress Katia wanted to use her feet to teach this shoplifter a lesson. She caught him stealing from her store and she had to punish him. She did not hand him to the authorities. She just used her high heels to punish him. She shrunk him into a tiny man and she had a great time crushing him. She put him in her shoe and she wore it and walked for a few seconds with him in the shoe.

Madame Marissa loves to exercise. She does her exercises before she goes to work. She likes to find her food ready when she finishes exercising so that she eats breakfast when she is done showering. But today her new slave had not yet woken up by the time she was done with her work out. She shrunk him and she made him lick her sweaty ass as punishment for his laziness.

Mistress Lisa Jordan was at home and she was fed up with her slave. He was dumb and did not understand most of what she told him. As punishment, she shrunk him and she threatened to drown him in her wine. She also crushed him and humiliated him in a lot of ways. He cried and begged her for mercy but she did not want to hear anything from him.

Giantess Katelyn does not like snitches. This guy was one and she had to show him that it did not pay to be a snitch. He liked to report people to the school authorities. So she turned him into a tiny man and crushed him with her teeth and her feet. She then told him to go and snitch on her. He was scared and humiliated and he learned his lesson.

This hot giantess was asked to take care of this spoiled brat. He was rich and he felt like he could do anything he wanted. She could not let him get away with such a mentality so she degraded and humiliated him. She shrunk him and then she degraded him. She used her mouth, her tits and her ass. He was horrified and he was so afraid of her he never messed up.

Princess Serena had never let her slave find out the fact that she was a giantess. But she wanted him to find that out today. She had fun humiliating him and she humiliated him after she baited him and he took the bait. She shrunk him and once he was a tiny version of himself, she sat on him and made him lick her ass. She also choked him a little.

Giantess Katelyn wanted this guy to tell her everything he knew about her mission to his office. He refused and said he would not tell her anything even if he paid her. She did not say a word. She shrunk him and she threw him in her mouth. She left him there for a few seconds and she got him to panic and to beg for mercy promising never to piss her off again.

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