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Mistress Lisa Jordan was at home and she was fed up with her slave. He was dumb and did not understand most of what she told him. As punishment, she shrunk him and she threatened to drown him in her wine. She also crushed him and humiliated him in a lot of ways. He cried and begged her for mercy but she did not want to hear anything from him.

Giantess Katelyn does not like snitches. This guy was one and she had to show him that it did not pay to be a snitch. He liked to report people to the school authorities. So she turned him into a tiny man and crushed him with her teeth and her feet. She then told him to go and snitch on her. He was scared and humiliated and he learned his lesson.

This hot giantess was asked to take care of this spoiled brat. He was rich and he felt like he could do anything he wanted. She could not let him get away with such a mentality so she degraded and humiliated him. She shrunk him and then she degraded him. She used her mouth, her tits and her ass. He was horrified and he was so afraid of her he never messed up.

Princess Serena had never let her slave find out the fact that she was a giantess. But she wanted him to find that out today. She had fun humiliating him and she humiliated him after she baited him and he took the bait. She shrunk him and once he was a tiny version of himself, she sat on him and made him lick her ass. She also choked him a little.

Giantess Katelyn wanted this guy to tell her everything he knew about her mission to his office. He refused and said he would not tell her anything even if he paid her. She did not say a word. She shrunk him and she threw him in her mouth. She left him there for a few seconds and she got him to panic and to beg for mercy promising never to piss her off again.

This giantess wanted to help her slave. But she could not and he was being difficult for nothing. She knew that to help him, she had to give him tough love. So she gave him a task which she knew he would not do. She then turned on him and she crushed him. She transformed him into a tiny man and she crushed and humiliated him. When she was done, she transformed him back to his normal self and she let him cool off. He changed.

This mistress wanted this guy to learn to respect other people. She had tried to talk to him but he ignored her. He treated her badly and she was forced to engage plan B. She had hidden the fact that she was a giantess from him. So she transformed herself into one and she crushed him with her teeth and trampled him cruelly with her boots. She made sure he was in pain and that he learned his lesson. He apologized and promised to change.

Mistress Christin and her friend Lady B love to crush and destroy. Today they did not feel like doing that to a slave or a loser. So they went and bought a few toys to crush. They crushed the toys using their heels and had fun destroying them. They had more fun than when they crush slaves and losers and for the next few weeks, they only concentrated on the toys.

This goddess loves to torture little men. She enjoys turning them into tiny men and having fun at their expense. She loves to do it all the time and today she did it to this corrupt guy who wanted a bribe to facilitate payment of money owed to her. She was pissed and she turned him into a tiny man and she crushed him and tortured him like never before.

Giantess Christin was not happy with this guy. He owed her money but he did not want to pay up. She was pissed about it so she stormed into his house and she took an expensive model she found and she crushed and destroyed it. She made sure there was nothing to salvage after she had destroyed it and she told him that was a taste of what was to come if he did not give her the money.

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