Madame Marissa summoned her slave and she made him watch what she did some items. She crushed them with her giantess feet and he was horrified at how easy it was for her to crush giant items into tiny pieces. She then warned him that she would do the same to him if he ever messed up. The giantess then swept them up and threw them in the trash can.

This hot giantess was bored at home and to have fun, she felt like she could try something that she had never tried before. She used her foot fetish to do it. She crushed some stuff she had bought and she reduced them to smithereens. She assumed it was a loser and that he had pissed her off so she was destroying him for it. She had fun and it helped her pass some time.

Mistress Lisa Jordan felt like she was not getting what she deserved from her man so she taught him a lesson. She teased him and turned him on massively. She then used her giantess fetish to humiliate him. She crushed and tortured him but she did it in a sexy manner and even though he felt pain, he did his best to endure the pain. But he got the message.

Madame Marissa felt like this loser needed to be punished using her giantess powers. So she crushed him and within a few minutes, he was already a tiny man. She tormented him and she had fun at his expense. She made him regret what he had done as well as promise not to repeat his mistake. He begged her to return him to be a normal person again as opposed to leaving him a tiny man.

Mistress Angelina felt like she was not getting the recognition she deserved from this loser. She had to get it somehow and she did it by cruelly facesitting on the loser. She had him lie down and she crushed him with her giantess butt. She smothered him till she was able to turn him into a little man. She did not need to do anything further. That was enough punishment.

Mistress Alexandra wanted to deter kids from leaving toys in her drive way so she crushed them with her giantess feet. The toys were tiny compared to her and she had fun crushing and destroying them. And she did it in public so that they could see. She left the mess on her drive way for them to find and realize that what was what would happen to their toys.

Madame Marissa is not your average giantess. She loves to crush and to torture only guys who deserve it. She is not like other giantesses who do not care whoever they are torturing as long as they have their fun. She had seen this guy steal from this elderly lady and she did not let it go. She made him make it up to her before she crushed him with her hot giantess fetish.

When this giantess tried to do a reconciliation of her financial documents, she realized that her accountant had been embezzling from her. She was so pissed at him that she cruelly taught him a lesson. She did this by crushing him using her giantess fetish. She made him a little man and she tormented him. He had no choice but to give back her money because he knew the alternative was out of the question.

Giantess Ivet was not pleased to learn that this loser was not in the same boat with her. She did not want to stomach any nonsense from him so she crushed him and she made him a little man. She tormented him till he not only cried, but he also peed his pants and he begged for forgiveness. She did not bother listening to him. She just went on dominating him.

Mistress Lisa Jordan was bored at home so she decided to have a little fun at the expense of this loser. She chose to crush him and she instantly turned him into a tiny man. She enjoyed humiliating him and since she was not in a hurry, she took her time to do it and try new things. The giantess got the loser so scared that he peed his pants.

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