Mistress Hanna wanted this loser to do her assignments. She wanted to go out and party but she had a short time to hand in her assignment. She knew this guy was bright and she wanted him to do her assignment. She forced him to do it using her giantess fetish. She turned him into a tiny man and threatened him with foot crush and the poor guy agreed to do her assignments.

Madame Marissa was hired by some rich guys to get them some trade secrets from a rival. She went to the officer she knew had them. She humiliated him by shrinking him. She then tortured him using her feet. She crushed him and she threatened to leave him in that state. He cried and begged her not to leave him in that state and promised to give her all the info he had.

This hot giantess came home and found her man had been watching porn all day and she was not pleased. She did not say a word. She just crushed him with her ass and she turned him into a tiny man. She then tortured him with her sexy big ass till he cried and begged to be forgiven. She nearly choked him with her butt crack before she let him go.

This hot giantess was asked to take care of this spoiled brat. He was rich and he felt like he could do anything he wanted. She could not let him get away with such a mentality so she degraded and humiliated him. She shrunk him and then she degraded him. She used her mouth, her tits and her ass. He was horrified and he was so afraid of her he never messed up.

Mistress Julia likes to belittle guys who are cocky and proud. She likes to bring them down to earth. This millionaire kept bragging about his ship and she was pissed. She turned it into a tiny version of itself and she pissed on it. She turned it into a toy and she had fun destroying it. He begged her not to destroy it and she let him go when she saw he was remorseful.

Mistress Julia did not how rude the captain of this ship was. She shrunk it into a tiny toy and she pissed on it. She wanted to drown everyone on it with her piss and she started to do it before the captain apologized and she forgave him and let all of them go. She returned the ship and all occupants to their normal sizes and they went away trembling.

This sexy giantess likes to joke. She is one of the harmless giantesses but she does not want losers to know that. She hates inflicting pain on them but she loves scaring them. She shrunk this guy and she threatened to crush him although she did not do it. She looked like a mountain against his shrunken self and he was so afraid that her pissed on himself. She laughed at him before she let him go.

Princess Serena had never let her slave find out the fact that she was a giantess. But she wanted him to find that out today. She had fun humiliating him and she humiliated him after she baited him and he took the bait. She shrunk him and once he was a tiny version of himself, she sat on him and made him lick her ass. She also choked him a little.

Giantess Katelyn wanted this guy to tell her everything he knew about her mission to his office. He refused and said he would not tell her anything even if he paid her. She did not say a word. She shrunk him and she threw him in her mouth. She left him there for a few seconds and she got him to panic and to beg for mercy promising never to piss her off again.

Mistress Julia was horny and she wanted to have a little bit of fun. She did not have anyone to fuck her so she had to masturbate. But she did not have a dildo too so she took a ship that was passing nearby and she shrunk it. She turned it into a tiny version of itself and she used it to masturbate. She used it to play with her pussy.

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