This mistress laughed when she noticed her slave was taking her for granted. She did not want him to go on with that bad habit so she punished him using her giantess powers. She cruelly turned him into a tiny man and she stood threateningly over him. She made him do naughty and crazy things for her entertainment before she crushed him a little to make him feel some pain.

Madame Marissa wanted to enjoy a fine cocktail. She chose to ask her slave to make it for her. But he made a bad one and she did not like it. So she shrunk him into a tiny man and she dipped him inside the cocktail he had made. She was punishing him for being poor at making cocktails and sending a message that he had to do better than that.

This giantess hates broke losers. She was trying to get to know this guy when she learned he was a broke loser. She had no time for him and she used her giantess powers to crush him. She also crushed other things around him and told him he was not supposed to breed. She degraded him and she teased him while he was a tiny man. She then told him to go and make something of himself.

Madame Marissa does not like insubordination and she punished her slave when he showed signs of insubordination. She humiliated him cruelly using her giantess powers. She shrunk him into a tiny man and she made fun of him using her giant ass and her giant feet. He was scared shitless and knew that he would never mess with her again. He always did what she asked and how she wanted it done.

This hot giantess wanted to overrun this little doll to teach this young girl a lesson. She crushed it and she turned it into a tiny doll and then she used her car to crush it even more. She told the little girl to behave well if she did not want her dolls and her toys to be crushed and destroyed like she did today. The little girl cried but she learned her lesson.

When this giantess realized that her boyfriend valued her car more than her, she had to show him her true colors. She used her giantess powers to turn it into a tiny car. She then crushed it as it was the size of a toy car and she destroyed it. She crushed it as he watched and he cried and begged her not to do it. She told him to get his priorities right.

Lady B and mistress Christin went to this loser to warn him to stop being a bully. He did not listen to them and he was rude to them. They got him out of the house, turned it into a tiny house as he watched and they crushed it. He cried as he watched them destroy his house and he begged them not to and told them he would stop being a bully.

Madame Marissa likes employees who perform. This one did not and she had no business retaining his services. But before she fired him, she gave him one last chance. She humiliated him with her hot giantess fetish and instilled the fear of God in him. He peed his pants and he begged for mercy as she crushed him. He knew he had no room for error and vowed to work harder. He did.

This giantess loves to turn guys into little men and then haunting them with her vore fetish. She did that to this guy who felt he was better and superior to other people. He knelt before her and she threatened to swallow him into her mouth which looked like a giant cave. He begged for mercy and wet himself. But she knew he had learned his lesson and would humble himself.

Giantess Melissa does not sweat the small stuff like someone refusing to give her what she wants or pissing her off. This guy did today and she used her giantess powers to humiliate him. She got him to do what she wanted by turning him into a tiny version of himself. She then humiliated him and crushed him with her giantess feet. He was in pain and he was horrified that she would leave him in that state.

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