Giantess Ivet was not pleased to learn that this loser was not in the same boat with her. She did not want to stomach any nonsense from him so she crushed him and she made him a little man. She tormented him till he not only cried, but he also peed his pants and he begged for forgiveness. She did not bother listening to him. She just went on dominating him.

Mistress Lisa Jordan was bored at home so she decided to have a little fun at the expense of this loser. She chose to crush him and she instantly turned him into a tiny man. She enjoyed humiliating him and since she was not in a hurry, she took her time to do it and try new things. The giantess got the loser so scared that he peed his pants.

Miss Elsi Spring loves to do crazy things. She is the kind of mistress who loves to try all sorts of things. Today she resorted to have fun with giantess fetish. She had never tried it before and it looked like a great thing to do. She chose to try it on a doll first before she did it to a human. The mistress enjoyed crushing the doll and turning it into a tiny doll.

Mistress Erina is a hot giantess. She is actually the definition of a hot giantess. She wanted to try giantess fetish and she did it using her sexy ass. She was a novice at it but was determined to be good at it. She bought a doll and she enjoyed crushing it and doing all sorts of things she had learned. She enjoyed it and looked forward to crushing a guy who deserved it.

Mistress Beverly did not like how bigoted this guy was. She had to teach him a lesson and she did it as cruelly as she could. She crushed him to show him that he was nothing to her and to other people. She the spent a lot of time humiliating him with her sweaty feet. She finally placed him in her shoe and she wore the shoes. Needless to say, he learned his lesson.

Mistress Tiffany used her giantess fetish to make this guy give her the secret she had been meaning to have for ages. She knew sweet talking him would not change anything so she used her giantess powers to do it. The mistress made him fee afraid, so much so that he peed on himself. Mistress Tiffany knew she had accomplished her mission and she let him go away scot free.

Madame Marissa used her giantess powers to torture this guy. She was paid to do it and she did it not caring how he felt. She did not care about him and all she cared about was the money she was being paid. She trampled, crushed as well as smothered him. Even after she had transformed him into a tiny man, she did not stop. She went on torturing him.

Goddess Celine is used to losers doing things she does not like. She appears harmless but she is a cruel giantess and she never minds when they mess because she knows it is an opportunity for her to exercise her powers and teach them a thing or two about obedience. She crushed this loser with her bare feet and she turned him into a tiny man. She had fun swallowing him in her mouth and crushing him with her toes.

Mistress Lisa Jordan used her mouth to torture this guy. He was so poor at his job but he was a liar so he covered it up. She crushed him and once she had turned him into a tiny man, she crushed him with her teeth. He was in a lot of pain but she was not yet done with him. She teased him with her super gorgeous body and then spat on him. Her spit was like a river to his tiny self and he nearly drowned in it.

Mistress Hanna is a sexy girl. But she is also a giantess. Many people do not know that she can do it because she only uses her powers to punish guys who deserve to be punished. This guy did today and she used her feet to crush him into a little man. The hot giantess then put him in her sneaker and she threatened to wear it and smother him further.

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