This mistress loves extreme fun. She is the kind of mistress with whom nothing is off limits. If she wants to have it, she will not settle till she gets it. And today she got it by choking this loser after she had teased him and crushed him. She turned him into a tiny man and she used her sexy mouth and lips to humiliate and choke him. He was so scared he peed on himself. Luckily it was not in his mouth.

Giantess Marissa was pissed at the fact that this guy was trying to destroy her life. She asked him to apologize and stop doing it but he refused. He thought she was powerless against him but she was not. She turned him into a tiny man and she tied him to her car's tire and she drove the car. She crushed him as she drove and made him realize she was serious. He apologized and stopped trying to ruin her life.

This giantess was restless and she wanted to have a bit of fun. She met this loser and she used him to have fun. He thought she was into him sexually but it turned out she wanted to degrade and humiliate him. She turned him into a little man and she used her ass and her feet to humiliate him. She even forgot how he was feeling as she enjoyed herself to the max.

Giantess Lisa was not amused by what she learned about this loser. She was fed up with what he had done and she had to send a clear message that she never wanted it to happen again. So she used her giantess powers to send that message. She got him to lick her feet and she degraded him like he had never been degraded before. He never did it again.

Giantess Katelyn wanted to punish this guy in a way he had never been punished before. She crushed him into a tiny man and she put him in her mouth. He nearly choked in there. She also crushed him with her teeth and she dominated him cruelly. When he thought it was over, she took him and put him in her wet pussy and she let him drown in there.

This giantess does not like anyone messing with her. If you do not mess with her you have nothing to be worried about. But if you do, you only have yourself to blame for what will befall you. This loser messed with her money and she could not let him get away with it. She cruelly crushed him into a tiny man and she made fun of him till he learned a lesson and he paid back her money.

Madame Marissa caught this guy being abusive to his wife and she could not look the other way and let it go on. She grabbed him from his house and she dragged him to hers where she shrunk him into a tiny man and she placed him on a stool and she sat on it. She choked him and threatened to leave him as a tiny man if he did not stop abusing his wife.

Goddess Chanel did not like how this loser bragged about his cars. He treated other people like shit and the only thing that meant something to him was his cars. She went to his house and she shrunk his cars into tiny toys and she crushed them with her feet and destroyed them. His security tried to stop her but she crushed them too and she humiliated them. He learned his lesson.

Giantess Katelyn wanted her money. This guy had borrowed money from her but he did not pay it back like he had promised to. She gave him more time but he still did not pay it. She was pissed and she had to punish him. She used her giantess powers to crush and shrink him into a tiny doll. She threatened to leave him like that and he agreed to pay her that same day with interest.

Giantess Katelyn and her friend Jade are hot giantesses and they like to torture guys both as punishment and to make money or gain favors. They only punish guys who deserve to be punished because they believe in responsible use of their giantess powers. This guy was a nuisance in his community and they had to teach him a lesson so they lured him with their seduction powers and when he got to their house, he was taught a cruel lesson and then forced to pay them.

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