This mistress has a nice ass and although she loves to use it to have fun, she used it today to humiliate a guy who did not listen to her. She crushed him and turned him into a tiny man. She enjoyed strapping him on to the seat and crushing him as hard as she could. She sat on him with her jeans as well as with her thong and made him smell her farts and her ass.

Giantess Hanna does not like bullies. She always teaches them a lesson whenever she finds them. She likes to make them get a taste of their own medicine and that is why she had to punish this one. She turned him into a tiny man and she crushed him as hard as she could. She even threatened to leave him a little man and he cried and begged her not to.

Giantess Katelyn was mad at her slave for the way he had handled a chore she had given him. She did not want it to happen again so she punished him cruelly. She crushed him and made him into a tiny version of himself and then she crushed and dominated him some more. When he was done, she let him go and knew he would never do it again out of fear.

This mistress wanted to show her slave what she does to losers who do not respect her. She wanted to use her giantess powers to teach him a lesson. She crushed him and she turned him big dick into a tiny version of it and he cried as his enviable manhood was all that he could brag about. She then inserted a dildo into his asshole and managed to cruelly torture him.

Mistress Alicia is not your average giantess. She does not just crush with heels like other giantesses do. She prefers to do it with her car. She crushes things and destroys them with her car because the car is heavier as well as more powerful than she is and whenever she does it, she does not get disappointed. Today she ran over some toys she wanted to crush and destroy.

Giantess Lisa Jordan loves to degrade guys she is not happy with. She prefers to turn them on and then when they are under her spell, she turns them into tiny versions of themselves and she has fun at their expense. That is what she did today to this guy who bragged so much that she got pissed. She punished him and she taught him to be humble before she let him go.

Goddess Chanel found a toy train on her way out to take a walk. She did not like the fact that someone found it fit to leave it so close to her house. She did not have a baby so she did not know who left it there. She had no use for it so she crushed it with her shoes as well as with her bare feet. She only left it after she had destroyed it.

To make sure that these losers would never bother her again, giantess Julia took their favorite toy and she shrunk it. She then cruelly crushed it and pissed on it as they watched. They could do nothing about it and had to settle for being humiliated and degraded. The giantess told them never to piss her again if they did not want to go through the same thing that the toy had gone through.

Giantess Katelyn was not happy with these losers for invading her space. She shrunk all of them and she cruelly tortured them. She bit them and crushed them with her teeth. She laughed at them as they tried to beg her for mercy and she knew she had to do it so that they could not do what they had done again. They were afraid of her and never pissed her again.

Lady B is not your average giantess. When she is angry, anything and everything in her path is destroyed. That is what she did today as she destroyed the things she found on her way as she took a walk. She was mad and the walk was to help her clear her mind. But she also felt better as she crushed stuff as she walked. She used her heels to destroy the things.

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