This hot giantess was fed up with this guy. He was her pay slave and he wanted some entertainment. She had never showed him that she was a giantess. But today she did it as she crushed him and she humiliated him for fun. She made him lick her ass and do other demeaning things and when the giantess let him go, he never made crazy demands from her again.

These mistresses wanted their money back but this loser refused to give it to them. He had done that to others before and he thought that he would get away with it again. But these mistresses were not going to let him play them like that. They were giantesses and they used their powers to crush him and once they turned him into a little man, he was scared shitless and he paid them.

This giantess laughed at this guy when he tried to mess with her. She had warned him against trying to shortchange her but he did not listen. He had done it before and gotten away with it and he knew he would do it again. But she caught him in the act and she used her giantess fetish to punish him. She cruelly crushed him into a tiny man and she tortured him.

Madame Marissa is cruel whenever she is in a bad mood. She was in such a mood today and she used her boots to cause mayhem. She crushed these tiny men for fun. She wanted to take her mind away from what had pissed her off and the best way to do it was to humiliate and torture. These little guys were a soft target for her and she crushed them.

These hot giantesses wanted to send a strong message to a gang. So they went and took the gang's leader. They crushed him into a tiny man and they enjoyed torturing him. The mistresses crushed him with their bare feet and he could not even breathe properly. The hot giantesses made him shit himself before they let him go. They did not need him to say it, but they knew he had learned his lesson.

This mistress loves extreme fun. She is the kind of mistress with whom nothing is off limits. If she wants to have it, she will not settle till she gets it. And today she got it by choking this loser after she had teased him and crushed him. She turned him into a tiny man and she used her sexy mouth and lips to humiliate and choke him. He was so scared he peed on himself. Luckily it was not in his mouth.

Giantess Marissa was pissed at the fact that this guy was trying to destroy her life. She asked him to apologize and stop doing it but he refused. He thought she was powerless against him but she was not. She turned him into a tiny man and she tied him to her car's tire and she drove the car. She crushed him as she drove and made him realize she was serious. He apologized and stopped trying to ruin her life.

This giantess was restless and she wanted to have a bit of fun. She met this loser and she used him to have fun. He thought she was into him sexually but it turned out she wanted to degrade and humiliate him. She turned him into a little man and she used her ass and her feet to humiliate him. She even forgot how he was feeling as she enjoyed herself to the max.

Giantess Lisa was not amused by what she learned about this loser. She was fed up with what he had done and she had to send a clear message that she never wanted it to happen again. So she used her giantess powers to send that message. She got him to lick her feet and she degraded him like he had never been degraded before. He never did it again.

Giantess Katelyn wanted to punish this guy in a way he had never been punished before. She crushed him into a tiny man and she put him in her mouth. He nearly choked in there. She also crushed him with her teeth and she dominated him cruelly. When he thought it was over, she took him and put him in her wet pussy and she let him drown in there.

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