Lady B wanted to teach this guy a lesson and she did it in a cruel manner. She used her giantess fetish to punish him and he regretted messing with her. She took his model house and she crushed it with her high heels. She destroyed everything about it and did not care how expensive it was. When she was done crushing it, she told him she was still not yet done and would come for him.

This mistress wanted to have fun at the expense of her slave and she did it using her hot giantess fetish. She waited for him to make a mistake and she cruelly tortured him using her giantess feet. She crushed him painfully and told him she was teaching him a lesson but in real sense she was having fun at his expense. She had fun doing it till she got tired.

This mistress did not want to do any of the things that her boyfriend wanted. He wanted to do crazy things and she did not want any of that. So she cruelly crushed him as punishment. She used her hot giantess fetish to humiliate him and have fun at his expense. She told him she never wanted to hear him mention any of the things he talked about and he agreed out of fear.

Mistress Julia broke up with her boyfriend and she knew how much he loved his boat. She used her giantess powers to shrink it and turn it into a toy. Then she pissed on it and ensured it was full of pee then she returned it to its normal size and she let him have it while it was full of pee and just when he was entertaining his friends.

Giantess Katelyn was not amused by her slave pretending to be sick in order to avoid getting up early. She did a little investigation and she found out about it. Sh was pissed and as punishment, she crushed him and she turned him into a tiny man. He cried and begged but she ignored him because she did not want to deal with a dishonest person. He learned his lesson.

This mistress was broke. But her friend gave her money and told her to punish her man. She agreed and she had fun torturing the poor guy. She crushed him and she inserted him between her tits after he had become a small and tiny man. In addition, she also forced him to lick her ass as well as her pussy when she was done squeezing him with her tits.

Mistress Hanna was not pleased with what her slave was doing. She did not approve of it and she had to teach him a lesson. She did not want him to get used to doing what he had done so she crushed him with her bare feet. She then had fun torturing the tiny man. She had fun at his expense and she made him learn a lesson he will never forget in his life.

When it comes to crushing and humiliating guys, no one does it better than this mistress. She loves to torture guys by teasing them and disarming them. When their guard is low, she then crushes them into tiny men and she does whatever she wants to them. She inserted this one into her mouth and crushed him with her teeth before she used him as a dildo to satisfy herself.

Madame Marissa wanted to choke this guy for being a pain in the ass. So she crushed him using her boots and she made him a little man. She then placed him on a bar stool and she crushed him with her ass. She wanted to choke him using her ass and she got it done. When she was done sitting on him, the giantess made fun of him and she farted on him.

Mistress Mandy had to make sure that her boss learned a lesson. He had not given her the raise and promotion he had promised her. She had to get it so she crushed him and turned him into a tiny little man and then she used the tiny man to masturbate. She jerked off using him as her dildo. It was both torture as well as fun for him but he gave her what she wanted.

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