Mistress Elisa likes to wear her shoes all the time and they are sweaty as a result. She wanted to punish this guy for what he had done and she decided to use her feet to do it. She cruelly tortured him and humiliated him by turning him into a tiny version of himself and having him lick and smell her sweaty feet. She then crushed him by wearing her shoes with him inside.

Giantess Celine wanted to earn respect. So she went to where these bullies were meeting. She knew they could not take her seriously. They laughed at her and they wanted to bully her. But before they tried, she turned them all into tiny men and crushed them. She humiliated them and used her butt as well as her mouth to torture them. She then let them return to their former selves and she warned them against bullying.

Madame Marissa did not like the war that was about to go down. She had to stop it. War planes and soldiers had already been assembled and the command given. She reached there in time and she used her giant boots to crush them all. She crushed the soldiers as well as the planes. She made sure none of them survived in order to continue with the war. She relaxed having stopped a war.

Mistress Morgane enjoys crushing more than anything else. She had a problem with this guy so she transformed him into a tiny man and she humiliated him using her shoes. She covered him with her smelly shoes and she wore her shoe with him inside. She crushed him and she humiliated him. He was tortured more than he imagined possible and he regretted why he had messed with the mistress.

Giantess Katelyn did not appreciate how this loser made fun of her. She wanted to teach him a lesson so she did it as cruelly as she could. She turned him into a tiny man and she destroyed him completely. She made sure that he could never make fun of her anymore. She made him pee on himself and she had him beg and do humiliating things for her forgiveness.

When this mistress realized that her slave was not going to do what she wanted him to do, she turned him into a tiny man. She then used her ass to punish him and when she was done doing that, she inserted him into a trash can and she tortured him. He begged her to let him go and he promised her that he would never disobey her again. She let him go.

Mistress Christin and her friend Lady B love to crush and destroy. Today they did not feel like doing that to a slave or a loser. So they went and bought a few toys to crush. They crushed the toys using their heels and had fun destroying them. They had more fun than when they crush slaves and losers and for the next few weeks, they only concentrated on the toys.

Madame Marissa likes to crush and she does it any chance she gets. Today she was angry and frustrated so she took out her anger and her frustration on these tiny people. She crushed them and she crushed their cars as well. She made sure that there was nothing salvageable from her destruction and crushing of them. She had a great time doing it and by the time she was done, her anger was gone.

Goddess Chanel is a clean mistress. She likes to make sure that her things are well taken care of. But she came home today and found out that her house was not as clean as she wanted it. Her slave had not cleaned it the way she wanted so she crushed him as punishment. She also took his toys and she crushed them and destroyed them completely. She created an even bigger mess for him to clean.

This goddess loves to torture little men. She enjoys turning them into tiny men and having fun at their expense. She loves to do it all the time and today she did it to this corrupt guy who wanted a bribe to facilitate payment of money owed to her. She was pissed and she turned him into a tiny man and she crushed him and tortured him like never before.

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