This mistress was desperate to get a contract. Her sales numbers were low and she had to make sure she scored a major victory. When she noticed that the negotiations were not going as well as she wanted them, she had to use a different tactic to seal the deal. She turned into a giantess and she crushed the guy into a tiny man and she forced him to sign the deal.

Madame Marissa lost her job because of this loser. She did not mind it too much because she had wanted to quit anyway. But she had to punish the loser for falsely accusing her of stuff she had not done. She cruelly tortured the guy by crushing him and turning him into a tiny man. She dominated him and she made him learn that it was not good to do that to others.

Mistress Tiffany is a hot giantess. She loves to use her good looks to torture and have fun at the expense of guys who are enamored by her. She met this guy at the restaurant today as she was having lunch and she invited him back to her place and she had fun crushing him and inserting him in her shoe. She humiliated him but in a weird way, he had fun being crushed into a tiny man and humiliated.

This giantess was not going to let her slave get away with what he had done. She had to teach him that being dishonest was wrong. So she crushed him into a tiny man and she put him in her mouth. She crushed him with her teeth and she let him nearly choke in her mouth and drown in her spit. She let him out just in time before he passed out.

Madame Marissa met the girl who had poisoned her. She wanted to take her boyfriend and the girl thought that poisoning her was the way to go. When she recovered, she hunted her down and she used her giantess powers to shrink her into a tiny little girl. She then threw her down and she ran her over with her car. But she did not let her die. She wanted her to be in a lot of pain.

This mistress hired this guy to do some repairs for her. But he did not do them as well as she wanted and she was disappointed. She told him to do it well and he wanted more money for it which pissed her off. She shrunk the guy into a little man and she made him smell her ass and her farts. Her ass seemed like a mountain on top of him and he begged to be let go promising to do the work perfectly.

Mistress Katia wanted to use her feet to teach this shoplifter a lesson. She caught him stealing from her store and she had to punish him. She did not hand him to the authorities. She just used her high heels to punish him. She shrunk him into a tiny man and she had a great time crushing him. She put him in her shoe and she wore it and walked for a few seconds with him in the shoe.

This tiny man was in love with this giantess. He wanted to smell her ass and her pussy and she let him do it. But that was after she had crushed him with her ass and she had choked him. She then crushed him with her teeth as well as with her tits. She then rubbed him on her ass and she let him sniff her pussy. It was a win win situation for both of them.

Madame Marissa loves to exercise. She does her exercises before she goes to work. She likes to find her food ready when she finishes exercising so that she eats breakfast when she is done showering. But today her new slave had not yet woken up by the time she was done with her work out. She shrunk him and she made him lick her sweaty ass as punishment for his laziness.

When her boyfriend tried to sleep with her friend, this mistress was mad. He should have at least tried to sleep with someone else! But now that he had done it, she had to show him what the consequences of his decisions were. She used her giantess powers to shrink him and she humiliated him. She tortured him by crushing him with her teeth and choking him with her ass as she sat on him.

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