This giantess hates bullies. When she met some today, she politely told them not to mess with the guy they were bullying. She also told them to stop it completely and never do it anyone else. They laughed at her and wanted to bully her too but they shit their pants when she used her giantess fetish to crush their cars and shrink them into toys which she then destroyed.

Mistress Jenny has an enviable and a spankable ass. She enjoys using it to get whatever she wants and today she used it to get VIP access to a concert. She did not want to pay for the tickets because they were expensive. So she crushed and dominated the guy who sold them using her giantess ass and she got herself the tickets. She even got some for her friends.

Mistress Lisa Jordan is a hot giantess. Unlike other giantesses, she does not like to punish and torture guys for fun. She prefers to do it for her sexual satisfaction. She enjoys voyeurism as well as swallowing or choking them as well as getting them to beg her. She loves it when they are desperate for her mercy because it makes her feel powerful. She shrunk this loser today and she felt powerful from the way he begged her to forgive him.

Mistress Abbie knew this loser was a coward and she knew he was the perfect person to torture using her giantess fetish. She teased him and took him to her house where she turned on him. He was scared but he shit himself when she used her giantess fetish to crush him into a tiny man. He was so scared that he was shaking like a leaf. She laughed uncontrollably at the sight.

Madame Marissa is a giantess who easily gets pissed off. She got mad today and she tortured this loser cruelly. She turned him into a little man and tortured the tiny man. She even threatened to drive her car over him and made him shit himself. To make the punishment worth her while, she asked the loser to pay her before she felt that she could forgive him and let him get away with it.

Mistress Bratty Bunny is a gorgeous giantess. She looks harmless but she is quite lethal in actual sense. She wanted her slave to know who she was and what she was capable of because she felt that he was trying to take advantage of her friendly personality. She crushed him into a tiny man and she tormented him for fun. She sat back and enjoyed watching him cry and beg her to forgive him.

Giantess Tina wanted to punish her slave but she did not have anything to beat him with. He did not freak out as he thought that she would do much damage if she was wearing heels or she had a whip. But she only used her bare feet and her giantess fetish to do it. She stomped on him and she made him regret assuming that she could not do much damage to him. She even turned him into a tiny man and he had to beg to be transformed back to his normal self.

Goddess Chanel is a hot giantess. She loves to use her hotness to dominate and humiliate. But today she did not have anyone to crush so she chose to crush toys using her giantess feet. The giantess used her high heels to destroy the toys and by the time she was done, there was nothing left of the toys. She did not need to do it for long. Just exerting a little pressure and they were in pieces.

Mistress Denise had asked her son to store his toys in a safe place but he did not do it. She was not pleased with him as she did not want to be the one to take care of his belongings. She chose to punish him by crushing some of the toys he had. She crushed and destroyed them and that was when he learned that she was serious about what she said.

Mistress Victoria is used to doing whatever she feels like. That is what she did today and she had a great time with it. She used her hot giantess fetish to dominate this guy. He had not done anything to deserve the punishment, but he found himself on the receiving end of it. And he was powerless to stop it as even his cries for mercy went unanswered by her.

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